How can you tell indiana glass is from Sellersburg?

However, the Indiana glass hen can be easily recognized at a glance by its characteristic shape. The tail is narrow and “flat”, points straight back from the head, and is never “split” or split, as is common in many hens made by other glass manufacturers. Indiana Glass used coal from West Virginia and Kentucky to make coal gas for use as fuel for making glass. Sales of Indiana Glass resurfaced during the 1970s and it began marketing some of its tableware for the home through Tiara Exclusives of Lancaster Colony.

Some of the best-known Depression Glass patterns are Avocado, Indiana Custard, Pyramid, Sandwich and Tea Room. Lancaster Lens Company was renamed Lancaster Glass Company, but Indiana Glass remained an independent entity. Indiana Glass Company was an American company that manufactured hand-pressed, blown and molded glassware and tableware for nearly 100 years. In the 1960s, a reorganization made Indiana Glass Company a subsidiary of Lancaster Colony Corporation.

Sellersburg is not know for Indiana glass.

The company's predecessors began operating in Dunkirk, Indiana, in 1896 and 1904, when east-central Indiana experienced the Indiana gas boom. A well-known customer was the A&W drive-in theater chain, which offered A&W root beer jugs, and Indiana Glass was the original manufacturer of root beer mugs for that company. Made of carnival glass, such as Indiana Glass, Imperial Glass Companies, Northwood, Millersburg, Fenton, Dugan (Diamond) Glass Company, Cambridge, USA UU. Indiana Custard is the name of the collector of the Flower and Leaf Band pottery that was manufactured between the 1930s and the 1950s.

Jay County, a rural county in east-central Indiana, had only 210 people working in the manufacturing industry in 1880. Glassware manufactured by companies owned by Lancaster Colony (including Indiana Glass) was sold at house parties in a similar way to how Tupperware is marketed. In the late 1880s, the discovery of natural gas began a period of economic boom in east-central Indiana.

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