What County is Jeffersonville, Indiana In?

Clark County is a county in the U. S. state of Indiana, located just across the Ohio River from Louisville, Kentucky.


ended segregation in its public schools in 1952, two years before the Brown v.

Supreme Court case. One of the two remaining areas to be annexed was Oak Park, Indiana, an area with about 5000 other citizens. In 1819, the first shipbuilding took place in Jeffersonville and steamboats would become the key to the city's economy. In 1813 and 1814, Jeffersonville was briefly the de facto capital of the Indiana Territory, since then-governor Thomas Posey did not like the then-capital of Corydon and decided to live in Jeffersonville to be closer to his personal doctor in Louisville. The foundation of what would become Jeffersonville began in 1786, when Fort Finney was established near where the Kennedy Bridge now stands. Between 1864 and 1866, Port Fulton (now within Jeffersonville) was home to Jefferson General Hospital, the third largest hospital in the country at the time.

Jeffersonville is home to the U. Census Bureau's National Processing Center, the office's primary data collection, capture and delivery center. The River Ridge Commerce Center is an industrial area located on the outskirts of Jeffersonville, near Charlestown, Indiana. It is not clear exactly when the settlement came to be known as Jeffersonville, but it was probably around 1801, the year that President Thomas Jefferson took office. Meanwhile, he routinely challenged the Jeffersonville Evening News for its description of his church and eventually created a new publication called The Banner of Truth to publicize his services and help recruit staff. Many fled across the river to Jeffersonville as the city's hotels and guesthouses filled to capacity.

In the 1930s and 1940s, the game was critical to Jeffersonville's recovery from the Great Depression and the 1937 flood. Located on land that was formerly part of the Indiana Army ammunition plant, it is now home to a variety of industries.


began its existence as a settlement around Fort Finney after 1786 and was named after Thomas Jefferson in 1801, the year he took office. Charlestown was named the county seat in 1812, but it returned to Jeffersonville in 1878, where it remains. On January 21st, the Indiana National Guard arrived in the area to help the displaced, distribute much-needed emergency supplies, vaccinate residents against typhoid fever, and purify drinking water. In conclusion, Jeffersonville, Indiana is located in Clark County.

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