What is the Population of Sellersburg, Indiana?

The city of Sellersburg, located in Silver Creek Township, Clark County, Indiana, is home to 9,583 inhabitants. This makes it the 88th most populous city in the state of Indiana out of 685 cities. Huntertown and McCordsville are close behind with 9,215 and 9,524 people respectively. The poverty rate in Sellersburg is 8.3%, with the child poverty rate at 10.3%.

13.6% of the population is 65 or older. The racial makeup of Sellersburg is 88.0% White, 5.5% from two or more races, 2.9% Black, 2.8% from other races, and 0.8% Asian. 24.3% of the total housing units were built after the year 2000, which amounts to approximately 870 units. The unemployment rate in Sellersburg is 5.6%, calculated among residents aged 16 and over who are part of the workforce. 87.5% of Sellersburg residents aged 25 and over have at least a high school degree or equivalent, 20.5% have a bachelor's degree, and 6.4% have a graduate or professional degree.

6.5% of residents in the non-military workforce work for local, state and federal government.

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