What is the Zip Code for Sellersburg, Indiana?

The ZIP Code 47172 is the code used in Sellersburg, Indiana. It is a five-digit code that identifies the city, town, school, or other recipient. The full address of the zip code 47172 includes the name of the recipient, their address with a detailed house number, and the city, state abbreviation, and zip code. The nearby zip codes to 47172 are 47143, 47129, 47130, 47119, and 47131. These codes are within a 25 km radius of Sellersburg and can be used to calculate the approximate distance between two zip codes.

The USPS designates the name of the city for each zip code and it can be the name of a city, town, school, etc. In some cases, a zip code may have several acceptable names that are used to group cities into a single zip code. This is done to make it easier for mail carriers to deliver mail to multiple cities with one zip code. Knowing the zip code for Sellersburg, Indiana is important for anyone who needs to send mail or packages to this area. It is also useful for those who need to know the exact location of Sellersburg or its surrounding areas.

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